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Orissa Tribal Empowerment and Livelihood Programme(OTELP), Kalahandi is one of the successful watershed plus model projects being carried out in Orissa. Under this the villagers have raised nurseries successfully with the help of FNGO 'Antodaya' & 'Gram Vikas' in Th Rampur Block, and 'Gramin Vikas Trust' in Lanjigarh Block of Kalahandi. Let us swing with their success as represented by the photographs of nurseries in different nursery villages.....

Nursery at Malijubanj

Friday, January 7, 2011


Commercially developed liquid fertilizers that have been developed in the EU and US have been slow to gain acceptance in many parts of the developing world. Extra weight and shipping costs make even the most beneficial liquid fertilizers uneconomical except when used to grow the most high value crops. While on-farm produced liquids such as compost teas have shown great promise, much of the developing world would rather expand their arable land than focus on their yields per hectare.


Nursery at Kalakupa



Nursery at Baterpada

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Tribal villagers have successfully raised the seedlings of Teak, Cashew, Chakunda, Mahalimba, Karanja, Sissoo, Jatropha, Eucalyptus, Acacia sps to regenerate the degraded reserve forest and to promote Farm Forestry and Participatory Forest Management under OTELP, Kalahandi. Let us promote their contribution to environment and climate change.